Our Approach

For our Colleges programme, our expertise lies in our experience of the University and College application processes in the United Kingdom and the United States respectively, and our clarity on style, content and form of the required personal statements or essays.We are committed to sharing this expertise with our candidates, as well as teaching them the tools to develop their own style in the context of what is required.

On the career front, our unique model assists candidates in deciding what paths to choose based on a combination of factors including interests, strengths and ability, amongst others. Each candidate is paired with an employee in their chosen field who can assist directly with interview preparation and answer industry specific questions.

Our Story

Our journey began with a passion for writing in a clear, concise and impactful manner. This passion has since developed into a sound understanding of the art of writing, and how best to channel this art in sharing one's character, achievements and personality with their universities and employers of choice. 

This knowledge now transcends the written form, to include spoken and physical non verbal forms, all of which are vital to the success of a candidate at both college and career levels. We believe that it is more valuable to guide our clients and shape their own ideas, than give them content that is not personal to them. As such, we are focused on developing each candidate's unique ability, style of self expression and eloquence in describing individual traits.


Joann Ezeoba

Founder & Director, Colleges & Careers

Strategy & Operating Model Consultant in Banking & Financial Services

A Note from our Founder

Colleges and Careers is formed of a carefully selected set of graduates from top Universities and employees of large corporations all over the world. As such, we have the capacity to deliver a tailored and personalized service to each of our candidates, while maintaining high quality. For our career service each candidate is aligned to a specific industry subject matter expert, while working with the Senior Advisor on all application requirements. Our college programme is designed to function as a virtual classroom, and is led by a single tutor who ensures that each student is up to speed on their individual tasks, and understands the material being shared. We look forward to meeting you!