University Selection Advice

Unsure what Universities to apply to? Worried about having the right mix of safety schools and top choices in the most convenient locations? Confused about which University rankings to trust? We understand your concerns! We will work with you to ensure that you are choosing the colleges that are a great fit with your personality, while factoring in all other competing considerations such as financial aid, location, degree rankings, job prospects, and entry standards.


Career Advice

Are you weighing options on what industry to start your career in, what you'd like to do during a career break or where you'd like to take your career next? Our unique career assessment tool will shed light on which options may be best suited to you, or provide some insight on what steps you may want to take next. We also partner with you to source the perfect job opportunities

University/College Essay Writing

Need to write that UCAS personal statement or Common Application Essay? We can help! We know the best ways to present your information to recruiters and make a great impression! We also help with supplementary essays and will teach you the tools to conquer any question and provide a well-constructed answer each time!


CV/Resume Writing

CV's and Resume's are your paper based elevator pitch! As such, they must be clear, precise and concise in order to achieve the desired effect. We are experts in CV content and formatting, and will work with you to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward in your applications. Recruiters are keen to see creative, dynamic and interesting CV's and we aim to ensure yours fits the bill!

Cover Letter Writing

Trying to articulate why you are the best fit for a certain role at an organisation? We know how difficult this can be, and we would love to help! We offer assistance in structure & content of cover letters, and understand the importance of tailoring. The cover letter is what sets you apart from the other candidates applying to the role you're interested in, so it needs to show skill, interest, and a willingness to learn!


Interview Preparation

Getting ready for a big interview with your dream University or at a company of your choice? We have a fantastic mock interview framework in place which enables us to assess your current techniques and practice appropriate methods, as well as prepare you to impress your interviewers with the depth and breadth of discussion